About me

Hello, I am Andrew. I started Pharmacist Money to share with you my experience with debts, personal finance, side hustle and passive income from a pharmacist’s perspective.


  • B.S. Biology in 2006
  • Pharm.D. in 2011
  • M.B.A. in 2014


Currently, I am a full-time outpatient pharmacist.


I am married to a clinical pharmacist. We are raising a wonderful and sweet daughter and try to not go crazy with our two wild chihuahuas.


I’m working towards my ultimate goal of having a net-worth of more than 1 million U.S.D.

I am going to achieve this goal by participating in side hustle work, earn passive income and investment.

I do plan to work as an as needed pharmacist even after I achieved my goal of financial independence, I hope working will be more rewarding to me then without the financial pressure.

My first post:

See how I was able to pay off $122,000 of student loans in 2 years.

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