How to start a blog in 2019

This post may contain affiliate links, please read our affiliate policy for more details. Starting a blog ranked highly in most recommendations for a side hustle. While it is tough to stand out in a crowded arena if you find a good niche and put forth a genuine effort. I believe you can be successful. I started this blog as

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Pharmacist Side Hustle ideas (that works)

If you’re a pharmacist who’s interested in personal finance then you’ve probably have heard of a side hustle. A pharmacist side hustle is anything that you’re doing on top of your full-time pharmacist job in order to earn additional income. I think it is a growing trend amongst millennials who wanted to pad their savings for investments or working toward

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I paid off my student loan in 2 years

In this post, I will document my student loan journey and how I paid off my student loan in 2 years. MyFed Loan accounts Many college graduates are familiar with this loan servicer. My initial loan started with approximately $29,000 subsidized loan after my graduation in 2006. Student loans are usually subdivided into three different types of loans. After my

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