Branding Your Passive Income Business


Simple Steps for Branding Your Passive Income Business

Sometimes it’s nice to have an extra source of cash flow. Maybe it’s for a new home. Or to save for your daughter’s college tuition. The whole idea of a passive income is that it’s your side project. Flexibility with it is essential. This is why a lot of people opt to start their own side business for passive income. After all, if you own the business, you have complete control over how much you put into it. 

One thing stands, whether your small business is a side project or not- for it to be successful, it needs proper branding. This step cannot be left out. And chances are, if you’re already working a full-time career, your time and resources for branding are a bit limited. The good news is, there are ways of simplifying the process. Both for your wallet and your busy schedule. 

Make sure you have done your research and know both your audience and competition. Then decide what you want your brand voice to be and how that fits into your industry. The next process is only about materializing your brand image. No excuses! Use these simple, money-saving steps to give your business a professionally branded look. 

Step #1 Design Your Logo

This is a good place to start to pave the direction for the rest of your branding process. It’s quick and easy to do yourself. And your logo will be used all throughout the rest of your branding material. It’s a good step to get done right off the bat. 

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t mastered the art of graphic design. Most of us haven’t. That’s why we have tools to assist us. Before you go shopping for the latest addition of Adobe, consider using something a bit more budget friendly. 

There’s a free tool called LogoCreator that takes the pain out of getting your logo. I’m not exaggerating when I say, you can have it finished in minutes. Just upload your favorite free icon from Vectr, then choose any other design elements you’d like to add, your color, and there you have it! Step #1- check!

Step #2 Build Your Website

Once again, a seemingly time-consuming and overwhelming step. But anyone can build a website with the right tools at hand. Thankfully, for those of us non-techy types, we have website builders at our avail. 

Weebly is highly recommended by small business owners all over the world. This free software is loaded with customization features for bringing your branded website to life. You can set up everything from your website’s main page, your shop, and even your blog. No coding required!

Just be sure that you keep your design consistent with your brand identity. Upload your logo so you can use it throughout your new website. Check that your colors, fonts, content, and other design elements stick with your chosen theme. This way, there’s fluidity throughout your branding and the web content is easier for your visitors to digest. 

Step #3 Create Branded Marketing Materials

When your online store is built and you’ve developed a feel for your brand’s image, you’ll be ready to prepare for marketing. Opening up social media accounts and writing SEO integrated articles for your blog is a good place to start. 

It’s just as important to keep all of your accounts and content unified with your brand. For example, consider using your logo for your profile image across social media accounts. If you think of some of your favorite brands, chances are they are doing the same.

Next, create shareable content that doesn’t get missed. Add images and other visuals with the help of graphic design. Canva is an excellent resource for integrating elements of design into your promotional materials. If you lack creativity, it’s not a problem. You have access to customizable templates to get you started. Be sure to unify with color and design, so your content really screams your brand’s name!

Editor’s note: Thank you Nafisa Dixon for contributing this guest post.