The Fiverr Millionaire

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What is Fiverr?

Fiverr Millionaire

Is Fiverr a viable side hustle? Apparently, it is, you can earn a lot more than $5, in fact, you can be a Fiverr Millionaire! In this post, I will summarize how four individuals were able to scale their Fiverr freelancing work and earned seven figures to become a millionaire in the process.

Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, also known as “gigs” or freelance jobs beginning at a cost of $5 per job, hence its name “Fiverr”. The site is primarily used by freelancers to offer services to customers on a global scale. It’s the perfect opportunity for a freelancer to earn a little bit of extra income.

Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs.

So you want to earn a little money on the side?

Here are 12 easy Fiverr side gigs that require little to no experience you can start today!

You can earn money from a Fiverr gig, but at the same time, you can also use Fiverr as a service. A quick browse through Fiverr shows a plethora of freelance services being offered at a reasonable rate.

12 Examples of Easy Freelance Jobs (With Little or No Experience Needed)

  1. Social Media Management
  2. Instagram Shout Outs
  3. Holding a Message
  4. Blog Comments
  5. Voice-over Artist
  6. Virtual Assistant
  7. Proof Reading
  8. Translations
  9. Transcribing Audio
  10. Blog Writing
  11. WordPress Support
  12. Infographics

This is not an all-inclusive list, you can go to the Fiverr market place and there are services categorized into categories such as graphics & design, digital marketing, writing & translation, video & animation, music & audio, programming & tech, business and lastly, fun & lifestyle.

How do you become a Fiverr Millionaire?

According to Fiverr, a job, also known as a “gig” is bought every 5 seconds, they’ve already completed over 25 million projects. Prices range from as little as $5 to as much as $10 thousand dollars.

However, typically a Fiverr gig averages from $10 to $20 dollars.

First, you need to sign up for a free account. Then you find a gig that you’re interested in or like to do and offer that service to a global audience by posting your gig on Fiverr.

English doesn’t have to be your first language, people just wanted to get the work done and as long as you do a good job at it you can be successful on Fiverr.

Once you created a job, you can then promote it on your preferred social media platform. Fiverr itself can give you a few gigs to get started with just through the organic traffic on its site.

However, as a new Fiverr, you might not win over many businesses because Fiverr uses a star rating system and user-generated reviews similar to Amazon.

You can offer a basic package and over time offer premium services as an add-on as soon as your reputation and referrals increase.

Social Media Management

This gig is pretty self-explanatory, as a business owner, it is time-consuming to manage your social media presence. If you’re a savvy Hootsuite user and have the time to offer to manage other people’s social media accounts, this Fiverr gig is for you.

Premium services such as Hootsuite allow you to manage all your social media accounts in one place. You can easily track and share performance with your clients.

Instagram Shout out

If you’ve managed to build a sizable following on social media such as Instagram, people are willing to pay you for a quick shout-out or even to re-post some of their Instagram pictures.

The amount of money you make depends on the size of your Instagram account, however.

That’s right, you can leverage your social media influence and make a little bit of money with very little effort.

Holding Image, Logo, or Message

You can earn $5 dollars or more for holding someone’s message, logo, or image. You can picture this gig when you see that guy promoting liberty tax services at your local strip mall.

Blog Comments

Have you ever been to a blog where there is one comment or no comments at all? It’s hard to start a conversation or engage with your readers that way.

Fiverr can solve this problem for you (or me!). Just head over to Fiverr, you can easily find gigs that will offer to manually leave blog comments for you for a fee.

You can easily charge $5 or $10 dollars this way. This is by far the easiest Fiverr gig you can participate in.

One particular gig on Fiverr charges $10 for 5 comments.

Voice Over Artist

With this gig, you do need to invest in equipment such as a good quality microphone, decent audio software such as Audacity, and a studio setup (to increase sound quality and decrease distractions).

A typical voice gig of $25 can get a 25 words voice according to a posted gig. A more lengthy voice-over is offered for a premium price.

Virtual Assistant

If you have the time, you can help someone who doesn’t and be their virtual assistant. You can help them perform tasks such as answering phone calls, typing, or doing web research.

One particular gig on Fiverr charges $25 dollars for 4 hours of virtual assistant work.

Proof Reading

If you’ve ever written an article or a paper with 500 words or more, it’s tough to fix grammar and spelling mistakes on your own.

One particular gig on Fiverr offers to proofread 2,000 words, checking for spelling, grammar, and accuracy.

Or you can just use Grammarly (like me), and there’s a free plugin available for Chrome.


You’re at an advantage if you speak more than two languages. The world is getting flattered as globalism is taking its roots.

You can use your bilingual skill to translate written work.

For example, a gig posted on Fiverr charges $20 for up to 500 words from English to Spanish.

Of course, you can always up-sell to a more premium charge as you build up your clientele.

Transcribing Audio

If you are a podcaster, you can transcribe your podcast and republish the content on your blog.

This type of service is available on Fiverr. For example, for $5 dollars can you do 15 minutes of audio transcription?

The bilingual translation is another opportunity for this job. You can certainly offer this gig as a premium service.

Blog Writing

If you are a blogger then you’ve probably stumbled upon a mind block or writer’s block at some point. Or maybe you ran out of ideas. Perhaps you can hire a Fiverr gigger to write a blog post for you.

All you have to do is provide a topic and a Fiverr freelance can whip up a nice, quality SEO-worthy article for you. Of course, nobody has to know that it’s not written by you!

I found gigs offering $20 for a 500 words article and much more for more extended word counts.

WordPress Support

If you’re a WordPress Expert, you can offer your services on Fiverr for a fee.

Examples of services are dependent on your skill set and experience. They can range from modifying or building plugins to fixing their WordPress page or building a WordPress site from scratch.

This freelance work offers a lot of opportunities for you and I see a lot of listings in this category.


I just started using Pinterest and Canva is a free tool that I used to create my pins.

You can get good at this and offer your services on Fiverr for a fee. Who wouldn’t want a nice infographic for your blog?

Fiverr Millionaire Success Stories:

I just briefly went over 12 Fiverr gig ideas that you can start today. But is Fiverr a viable side hustle? Let’s not take my word for it.

Joel Young started by offering $10 voice-over gigs on Fiverr and found success doing it and became a Fiverr Millionaire.

After just 18 months of offering voice-over services on Fiverr, Young paid off the family’s debt, and now, since selling his first service in February 2013, Young has made more than $1.5 million in income on the platform.
“To be honest, it’s kind of snuck up on me,” says Young of the million-dollar benchmark.

CNBC Make It

Redd Horrocks is another Fiverr success story. According to Business Insider, Horrocks is able to “quit her job (stage manager for a circus in Las Vegas), paid her debts, and bought a house thanks to a side job that earns $9,000 a month.”

Now, Horrocks is debt-free, typically earning $9,000 to $11,000 a month (before taxes) from voice-over gigs she finds through Fiverr. While she uses a few other sites to promote her work, she credits about 98% of her income to the site.

She works about 30 hours a week, recording out of the studio she installed in her home, for clients who need everything from voicemails to audiobooks to narration for explainer videos.

Business Insider

Charmaine Pocek is another Fiverr Millionaire success story. She came from Houston and previously worked as a corporate recruiter.

On Fiverr, Mrs. Pocek became a resume writer, career consultant, and recruiter earning an average of $38,000-$48,000 a month.

Like many others on the freelance platform Fiverr, Charmaine Pocek started off marketing her services at just $5 a pop.
Pocek was working as a corporate recruiter at the time and had 15 years of experience under her belt, so she figured she could make some extra money by writing resumes. She and husband Sasa were saving up to adopt a child.
Eight years later, she’s made more than $2.4 million through the site, and she set records as the first U.S. — and the first female — Fiverr seller to break $1 million in earnings.

The Penny Hoarder

Nearly half of her earnings came in 2016, when her Fiverr profits totaled $445,000. Because demand for her services is somewhat cyclical, her monthly income varied from $26,000 to $43,000.

In fact, her weekly hours also vary — from as little as 25 a week or 60, depending on what orders come up and how long each gig takes. Since she offers unlimited revisions, she says an $800 corporate package could take her anywhere from a couple hours to 10+


And finally, we’ve got Levi Newman.

Levi Newman, 36, Columbia, Missouri, copywriter, $10,000-$15,000 a month


Final Thoughts

There you have it, you can start earning $5 dollars a gig and with some luck and preservation, you can earn thousands and possibly even millions in the long run on Fiverr and become a Fiverr millionaire.

Of course, you don’t have to do work on Fiverr, you can certainly get hire help on Fiverr, this freelance marketplace can go both ways.

With every success story, there are bound to be failures and naysayers, even perhaps scams. Since Fiverr is a huge freelance marketplace, I can see how you can be lost in the crowd and not stand out. As a result, perhaps very little business is sent your way.

I always believed side hustle is for a reason, you have to hustle and keep at it. Success doesn’t come easy. If you keep at it and work hard, I believe you can turn Fiverr into a viable side hustle option, maybe even the next Fiverr Millionaire.