Top Ten Personal Finance and Pharmacy Blogs List

This top ten list is not any particular order. The following are blogs that are my favorites when it comes to personal finance, pharmacy or both!

This is one of the highly recommended personal finance blogs online.

The title is self explanatory! Another FIRE participant with very interesting topics.

Follow the very candid and transparent financial journey of Michael, a FIRE practitioner.

This blog focuses on helping and guiding pharmacists to non-traditional pharmacy careers. Alex inspired me to create my own blog as a side hustle from reading a post of his describing his own side hustle story.

Hospital pharmacist writing about hospital pharmacy among other pharmacy related topics.

A lawyer and a very active side hustler.

A great blog specializing in geriatric pharmacy, board certification and informative case studies.

This blog posts usual information for pharmacists and pharmacy students.

Probably one of the first name I thought about when I think of pharmacy blog.

I just stumbled upon YFP while browsing through the blog of The Happy PharmD. This blog fits right into my area of interests.

Well I initially only wanted 10 blogs to be included in this list but a quick pharmacist finance google yielded me two more names I want to include:

Looks like YFP is endorsed/partnering with APhA (American Pharmacists Association).

If you’re a pharmacist or interested in the topics relates to pharmacy, please check out the Top 10 Pharmacy blog that inspired me to create my own list.

Looks like this list is getting longer and longer. I’m going to categorize two more blogs as honorary mentions.

1. Financial Sammurai. This blog is popular and I just came across it the last few days. His posts are detailed and informative.

2. The Physician on Fire. His target audience is high income earners and content are quality information.