10 Perks of Being a Pharmacist

If you are at that point in life where you have to decide on a career that grants you financial stability and
mental satisfaction, Pharmacology is a promising field to step into. If the medical industry is your niche,
but you are not inclined to becoming a doctor or surgeon, being a pharmacist is a decent alternative.
Pharmacists are less likely to be targeted by a medical malpractice lawsuit among other various

  1. High Demand in the Medical Industry
    The demand for trained pharmacists is ever-growing all over the world. The population will never cease
    to multiply and age, which is why the number of filled prescriptions increases each year. With the
    emergence of many new diseases and medical conditions over the years, there is undisputed need for
    greater advancement in medicine. Many new drugs are introduced in the market every year; their
    feasibility and effectiveness cannot be understood without consulting a pharmacist. Pharmacists play an
    active role in medicinal research and drug trials as well.
  2. Choice and Flexibility
    Pharmacists are eligible to seek employment in a variety of medical departments, thus they are able to
    select a working environment that best meets their preferences. The majority of pharmacists (almost
    50%) are employed by retail chain or independent community pharmacies. The remaining work for a
    range of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics, drug/pharmaceutical
    manufacturing, schools/universities, government agencies, and numerous medical research platforms.
    Since there are several kinds of job opportunities, pharmacists get greater flexibility of working hours as
    compared to doctors and nurses.
  3. Great Pay
    Pharmacists are among the biggest money makers internationally. The average pharmacist in the U.S
    earns about $100,000 in a year, which is quite high in comparison to many standard professions. Most
    pharmacists have the time and skill to engage in side hustles as well, thereby doubling or tripling their
    annual income.
  4. Equivalent to a Doctor in the House
    It is indeed useful to have a doctor in the family, but it is just as convenient to have a pharmacist at
    home. We seldom need to visit the doctor for a case of seasonal flu or some common viral infection.
    Pharmacists know precisely which OTC pills or medicine is appropriate for the fleeting health issue.
    Whether you are reacting to an allergen or developing a fever, the pharmacist in the house can advise
    the right drug and dosage to cure your ailment.
  5. Invaluable Knowledge of Drugs
    Pharmacists are partial chemists, hence they know a lot about drug compositions, properties, and side
    effects. Their knowledge can be put to good use for mentoring juniors or educating anyone who is
    curious about how a drug works. If someone is doubtful about a medicine/ointment, a pharmacist can
    rectify their concerns.
  6. Automatic Medical Literature Expert
    While the average person cannot read a doctor’s handwriting, pharmacists are pretty much experts at
    decoding prescriptions. They can also tell you the accurate dose for a drug with respect to the patient’s
    age, weight, and pre-existing health problems. If you ever took the time to study the literature provided
    in medicine packages, you might have not understood several terms used within. When you study to be
    a pharmacist, all the gibberish will make perfect sense.
  7. Ideal for Self-employment
    If you plan to run your own business, such as a drug store in your locality, your pharmacology degree
    will come in handy. Medicinal knowledge will help boost your sales and earn you major trust points in
    the community.
  8. Association with the Healthcare system
    Being a pharmacist makes you a part of the healthcare system; your occupation is just as noble and
    honorable as any other profession in the medical industry. You may get to work in proximity with
    inspiring personalities in the business and make great connections.
  9. Growth Prospects
    Working in the pharmaceutical industry, you are likely to encounter the latest medical technologies and
    research breakthroughs. It can be quite an exhilarating and eventful career if you want it to be. The
    skillset of a pharmacist is of great value worldwide, so you want have trouble finding a job and settling
    wherever you go.
  10. Opportunities to make a difference
    If you get into research or work directly with patients, you can save infinite lives. You get to serve people
    and make their life better. If you make a groundbreaking discovery along the way, you could be a part of
    something bigger and life-changing.

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